Doctor Registration

Providing Continues Care to Your Patient

  • Customized plan for Patient Monitoring

    Track Patient Vitals, Provide them optimized Care by saving their own time, Gather Medical Reports at on place

  • Build A Better and Deeper Connection with Patient

    Be connected with the patient without sharing personal details through practice management app

  • Get Better Outcome with Data of Various Follow-ups

    Experience a Seamless Booking of appointment with Doctors

Elevate your Practice Experience by Digitalizing through our EMR Software

Doctive is an eco-system which helps you to enhance your Daily Practice Accuracy as well as Retention of your patients with follow-up reminders to patients as well as Doctors

  • Access to the data like vitals and past history every time as patient once registered
  • Engage better with the patient their analytical data to improve health outco
  • Become A partner and contribute towards your Patient Journ

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