IPD/Hospital Management

IPD/Hospital Management

Introducing Doctive, the ultimate digital solution for hospital management. Our software is designed to streamline operations and improve patient care for clinics, hospitals, day care centers, and workforce management.

With Doctive, you can take advantage of these key features

  • Ward Management

    Keep track of room and bed availability, as well as occupancy rates.
  • OT Management

    Manage multiple operating theaters and their schedules.
  • Admission Transfer Discharge

    Streamline the process of admitting, transferring, and discharging patients.
  • Inpatient Management

    Keep detailed records of patient information, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • OT Scheduling

    Easily schedule and manage operating theater times.
  • IPD Billing

    Generate receipts and bills for each patient.

Why Choose Doctive for Hospital Management?

  • Speech-to-Text: Easily dictate notes and records.
  • Electronic Health Records: Keep all records in one place.
  • Communication Management: Efficiently communicate with patients and staff.
  • Operation Theater Management: Simplify the management of operating theaters.
  • Analytics and Reports: Get valuable insights to improve hospital management.
  • Role-Based Access: Securely manage access to patient records.
  • Billing and Invoice System: Streamline the billing process.

Benefits of IPD/Hospital Management with Doctive

  • Streamline hospital operations and reduce administrative burden.
  • Maintain detailed inpatient records and billing information.
  • Remind patients of follow-up visits and appointments.
  • Keep accurate records of room allotment and daily notes.
  • Avoid errors in payment collection.
  • Efficiently manage OT and ward schedules.

Choose Doctive for a fully digitalized hospital management solution.

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