Pharmacy Management System

Pharmacy Management System

Doctive’s Pharmacy Management System is the perfect solution for efficiently managing your pharmacy store. Whether it’s remembering expiry dates, ensuring availability of stocks, or meeting doctor’s prescriptions, our software has got you covered. Integrated with our OPD and IPD modules, our pharmacy management system provides a complete management solution for your pharmacy store.

Our software offers the following features

  • Master Data

    Easily manage medicine, supplier, group, generic, and company master data.
  • Pharmacy Purchase Management

    Keep track of various details such as supplier name, contact number, date of purchase, amount payable, and payment details. Also, manage returns of purchased items.
  • Pharmacy Sales Management

    Keep track of patient ID, contact number, date of sales, amount payable, and payment details. Also, manage returns of sold items.
  • Stock Management

    Manage your stock levels and receive alerts and reminders for low stock and expiry dates.
  • Analytics and Reports

    Access daily collection reports, detailed reports about medicines expiring soon, and consolidated reports of medicine.

Benefits of Doctive’s Pharmacy Management System

  • Integration with OPD and IPD departments for seamless management.
  • Digital payments and collections for efficient transactions.
  • Complete management of stocks for timely reminders and alerts.
  • Proper analysis and reports for better insights and decision making.
  • All master data managed in one place, eliminating the need for separate registers.
  • Fully digitalized platform for a paperless and eco-friendly solution.

Choose Doctive’s Pharmacy Management System for a comprehensive and efficient solution for your pharmacy store.

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