OPD Management


Introducing our comprehensive hospital management software, designed to revolutionize outpatient experiences with a futuristic information management system. Our Integrated Hospital Management Software boasts a range of features to optimize patient care and streamline operational processes.


  • Patient Registration

    Our software allows for a quick and detailed registration of patients, including demographic and insurance-related documents, making it easier for hospitals and clinics to keep track of patient details.
  • Appointment Booking

    With our software, booking an appointment with a registered patient takes just seconds. Plus, we provide reminders through SMS, email, and WhatsApp, ensuring that patients never miss an appointment.
  • Queue Management

    Our software helps manage the queue for the OPD, ensuring that each patient receives the appropriate amount of time and attention.
  • OPD Billing

    Our software allows you to generate and print OPD bills and manage them in one place, streamlining the billing process.
  • Follow-up and Reminders

    Our software provides proper follow-up reminders to patients and hospitals, making it easier for patients to schedule their visits and for hospitals to manage their schedules.
  • Reports and Analytics

    Our software provides a proper reporting and analytical system that helps hospitals analyze their daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly growth.
  • Quality and Safety

    Our software ensures 100% security and data encryption for both patient and clinical data. We follow all safety protocols and guidelines to prevent data breaches.
  • Integrated Software for All Clinics and Hospitals

    We offer end-to-end integration for hospitals and clinics, ensuring optimal efficiency and results.

Benefits of OPD Module

  • Managing all patient details at one place
  • Retention of Patient and Schedule patient follow up with proper reminder
  • Post Appointment Follow-ups
  • Proper Analysis with daily and Periodic Reports
  • Quick Management of patient that reduces waiting time.